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Card Improvements


I experienced some details experiences inside card to be improved :


I still do not understand why do you (all) maintain the Activity tab displaying by default inside the card. This a very annoying and irrelevant feature that we don't absolutely need to know what everybody is doing in a card. As a matter of fact, you give this feature in the History sidebar, which is largely sufficient.

So could you please, let us the choice to enable / disable this feature? Yes, I see it doesn't show all the feed, but it still annoying to see it by default.

I still believe if you implement this, you will have a huge consideration by users.


When copy and paste an URL in attachment modal, the result is not "embedded" (thumbnail, favicon…), which is very frustrating to recognize various links.

Is it possible to improve this feature, to avoid, entire URL displaying?


The possibility to set pre-made labels by name and colour, will be a relevant additional feature. As we could save a lot of time, avoiding to reset them each time on each card or board.


It will be great to customize the name of this essential modal. As, it will be relevant to have the possibility to re-order items of a list by drag and drop.

Thanks to let me be a part of Kantree Beta!

I have tested a lot of your competitors, and I have to say that your kanban solution is very close to the "perfect" one.

I truly appreciated the efficient way to manage and customize the boards, list and contextual modals.

I notice that is very smart to have the possibility to import boards from Trello particularly. This is where I still working with my collaborators, as I hope making a huge decision to migrate entirely to Kantree.

En espérant que mes requêtes soient prises en considération.

Bien à vous, et bon courage !

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  • Tiago Melo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I can't wait for TASKS/CHECKLIST implementation.
    It is really annoying that we cannot change the order of the cards, sub cards, sub sub cards and so on.

  • Rudy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks a lot!

    Fantastic I just saw the labels auto-completion implementation. Great!

    Waiting for others implementations.

    Good day!

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