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Add a Unified Board

I imported my Trello boards which I've barely used but now feel inspired to make more use of. However, I am inclined to stay with Trello for now because it has apps for iPhone and iPad, but what would be really useful is a unified board. I could then see tasks from all projects for Today, This Week etc...

This unified board would contain the default cards but which could be renamed. The intro video features To Do, Doing, and Done, I much prefer the Trello default cards of Backlog, This Week, Today, Evaluate and Done.

For this to work, perhaps the card in each project needs to have the same titles, or better still can you assign a hidden number to each card so that card 1 in the unified inbox contains all tasks from card 1 in each project, and so on for cards 2, 3 and subsequent cards?

Perhaps in settings, user themselves can map which cards are assigned to each of the cards in the unified board.

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Timeline for this view would be great as well.
    This would allow teams to allocate resources across their entire project load.

  • Leslie Camacho commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This would be incredible for service agencies that need to see all the work across all projects. It would be great if this view could work for daily stand ups as well.

    Since lists need to be unique per project (mostly), perhaps this "unified view" could be based on card status instead. It would show cards/tasks organized by in progress, waiting, etc... since those are standard across all projects but the lists (the workflow) may vary significantly.

    I would also love the Calendar view to show all or just some of the projects as a forecasting/scheduling solution.

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