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Percentage in the main card being affected by sub cards, sub sub cards and so on

I would like to propose the feature in wich we can see sub tasks and sub sub tasks changing the percentage progress bar of the mother card. I'll give an example below:

Card School and test preparation
Progress Bar > > 63%
• Buy office materials
o pen (completed)
o paper (completed)
o eraser
• Study for the test
o Math
o Physics
 2nd Newton Law (completed)
 Cinematics
• Send e-mail to professor about space physics article (completed)

Detailed explanation:

1. Here, we have 3 main tasks (33,3%) for each one;
2. On the first task, we have 3 sub-tasks, so we have 33% of 33% for each sub task (so it has a weight of 33% times 33%, wich is 10,89%);
3. On the second task, we have two sub tasks and two sub-sub tasks on the second task, wich means that, for each sub sub task, we would have 50% of %50% of 33%, and that is 8,25%:
a. 50% for each sub sub task within the sub task;
b. 50% for each sub task within the task;
c. 33% for the task
4. Actual calculation:
a. For the first task, we have two sub tasks completed, so we have 66% of 33% (21,78%);
b. For the second task, we have only one sub sub task completed, that is 50% of 50% of 33% (8,25%);
c. For the last task, we have it completed, so its 33%;
d. The sum is (21,78 + 8,25 + 33)%, with results in 63%, with would be shown within the mother card that contains all this tasks, sub tasks and sub sub tasks.

The example is quite logical, but of course this feature would extend to sub sub sub cards, sub sub sub sub cards and so on, that's my idea (and yes, I would use it a lot!)

Last, but not least, it would be nice to see the card's progress bar at a board level as well.
I hope that my logic is satisfactory and well explained. It’s a really good feature to have for people that like (and need) details for reports like me and the only missing feature that I’ve seen on other similar softwares. Please, consider doing it

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  • AdminJérôme (Support Team, Kantree) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Tiago,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    If I understand correctly, If we represent the card hierarchy as a tree, you only want to use the leaves (card without sub-cards) to track progress of any branch (cards with sub-cards).

    Our product team will review the idea.
    I let you know about any progress on this matter.

    Best Regards

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